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Why We Live in MidTown

We wanted a different living experience than we had in suburban Atlanta, so we chose MidTown.   We wanted to improve our overall quality of life.  We wanted to be closer to everything— schools, work, shopping. We are so happy that we made that choice!  We have neighbors who have become friends in a few short months, and we already have closer friendships than we developed in our last neighborhood of twelve years! I do not miss the Atlanta commute of 45+-minutes each way.  I am able to sleep more, spend more time with my family and am so very happy that we call MidTown home!

Alan Harkness, Director, Chattahoochee Valley Libraries

My wife and I love our neighborhood and our neighbors. To us, Peacock Woods-Dimon Circle is a vestige of Norman Rockwell’s America, complete with a neighborhood pharmacy, a Boy Scout hut, a wonderful park, children playing in yards, friendliness, diversity and lots of eyes on our streets.

J. Douglas Martin, Peacock Woods-Dimon Circle Historic District

 When we moved to Columbus from Atlanta, we were drawn to MidTown’s charming and established neighborhoods, the amenities that Lakebottom Park offered our entire family, and the convenience to our work campuses.

Dr. Brady Rumph, St. Francis Spine Center, and David Rumph III, TSYS

We live in MidTown because of its historic neighborhoods, tree lined streets, friendly neighbors and its central location—close to the Uptown amenities as well as the educational and cultural facilities on Wynnton/Macon Road.  

Virginia and Chris Peebles, Wildwood Circle-Hillcrest Historic District

We live in MidTown because we love the historic charm and personality of the Weracoba Creek/Lakebottom area of Columbus.

Becca and Jim Hardin, Peacock Woods-Dimon Circle Historic District

We live in Midtown because we love it!  We love the neighborhoods, the sidewalks, the parks and the people.  The location is perfect for us – close to work, church, Lakebottom…and Publix is just down the road! 

Muffy and Fred Schladensky, Wildwood Circle-Hillcrest Historic District 

Not only did I find my dream home, a wonderful stone and brick 1923 masterpiece, but I have made a group of friends that I wouldn’t trade for any zip code. You see, MidTown is much more than architecture. It is a friendly, supportive community. That’s why we’ll stay. Houses come and go, but a great community is hard to find. 

J. Rusty Scoven, Dimon Circle

 I spent my childhood in MidTown, growing up in East Highlands. I returned as an adult—choosing to live in Weracoba-St. Elmo, just a few blocks from my childhood home—because I enjoy the area’s quality of life. Simple things like sidewalks, knowing your neighbors, access to schools, neighborhood shops and a grocery store in walking distance, and a lively, beautiful park are reasons why I love the area.  

Bennie Newroth, Weracoba-St. Elmo Historic District 

We feel like we are in the center of everything here.

Jean Kent, Hilton Heights

 We live in MidTown because it has personality.

K. Blair Carnahan, Overlook Historic District

 MidTown boasts great culture, wonderful family communities and a deep history that we love.

Thomas Forsberg, Wildwood Circle-Hillcrest Historic District

 I have always been part of the area…Three generations of the Wade family have lived in MidTown, and since 1939 owned and operated Wade Cleaners on Linwood Boulevard.

Tripp Wade, Woodcrest

We love the location, the trees and yards, and the older homes. We love being near the park and near downtown. We love our neighbors and the neighborly feel of the MidTown area.

Ceil Bone, Weracoba-St. Elmo Historic District

Family brought me to East Highlands as a fourteen-year-old; I raised my own family in East Highlands; and I am here to stay.

Lillian Pitts, East Highlands

I loved my home with its garden and the old familiar furniture…..on the whole, Columbus gave me that same tranquility and calm that was so necessary to my work.

Carson McCullers, whose childhood home is in MidTown’s Wildwood Circle-Hillcrest Historic District
from her unfinished autobiography, Illumination and Night Glare

We have lived in Midtown for 6 years, and plan to stay here for many more years to come! The enthusiasm for this community is refreshing, and the sense of pride and ownership from residents and organizations such as Midtown Inc make living in Midtown a very special and unique experience for our family.

Luke and Cam Addison

My wife and I moved to Midtown, because it’s where our friends live. But we also recognize Midtown’s potential to grow into something truly remarkable over the next five-to-ten years, providing us with a complete and genuine living experience. 

Ben Link

Tell us why YOU live in MidTown!

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  1. Bill Ashley says:

    MidTown is becoming nicer by the day! It took this unified, focused, effort to make this happen. As more folks volunteer and get involved in the area, things will get even better! MidTown should go after a Trader Joes! It would be a huge success anywhere in MidTown, especially near Lakebottom, or in Wynnton!

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