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What is happening on 13th Street?

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What is happening on 13th Street? Come walk, ride your bike, cross the street or simply enjoy a less frantic drive. Stop and shop, dine, play disc golf, or sit and enjoy the trees. It’s a Minimum Grid Demonstration Project, an element of MidTown, Inc.’s 2015 Knight Cities Challenge award-winning project. The complete street conversion connects Favorite Places—Lakebottom Park and the Riverwalk—meeting the soon-to-be-completed Dragonfly Trail at 10th Avenue and Linwood Boulevard.

This project is a demonstration of connectivity, pedestrian and bicycle safety, and traffic calming in the Core Community.

The demonstration adds 1.6 miles of on-street bike lanes, expanding the City’s on-street bike lane network by a dramatic 67%, from the present 2.36 miles to almost 4 miles.

The conversion to 3 lanes adds an element of safety for bicyclists, pedestrians, AND for cars. The City has installed 2 pairs of RRFBs (Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons] at the Village crosswalks for safer pedestrian crossing. What have people been saying? “A drive on 13th Street is so calm now;” and “We love being able to push a button and safely cross the street!”

The City’s Urban Forestry Division is planting canopy trees throughout the area to add shade and complement the project, making it more attractive to walkers, cyclists, residents and visitors.

The Dinglewood Disc Golf Course, a 2014 MidTown, Inc. project, is another lively attraction in the project area.

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  • MidTown art installations will be complete for the beginning of Artbeat 2017 on April 1:

The Lakebottom Red Frame returns: It’s a big red frame sited among the trees of Lakebottom Park—Columbus’ “Central Park” and one of the community’s favorite places to gather. See this favorite place in a new way. Frame yourself, friends, family and pets in video or photo.

Stop! Giant Red Arrows! Find your way. Stop and sit if you need a break. Linger and play. Take photos with friends and family. Giant red arrows—directional art—add surprise and connect two of the community’s favorite places, Lakebottom Park and the Village on 13th.  Architect Will Barnes designed this series of site-specific interactive art. Production and installation is made possible by a generous grant from the Knight Fund at the Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley, Inc.

Lakebottom Park Bandshell Murals: MidTown, Inc. commissioned the Lakebottom Bandshell Murals in 2016 to honor the 20th Anniversary of Arts in the Park. CSU artist Hadley Mattwig designed the murals to complement their natural setting. She was joined by fellow art students Ashley Colbert and Gazzi Holloway in painting the bandshell. Another great photo op for families.

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2016-5-16, Mural complete

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