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Incremental Development: Small Scale, BIG Impact

MidTown, Inc. is pleased to have the opportunity to partner with the Incremental Development Alliance and for MidTown to serve as the test site for the IDA’s 2016 Knight Cities Challenge Evolving MidTown: Lot by Lot, Block by Block. IDA Executive Director Jim Kumon observed that “MidTown is a microcosm of the land use patterns and population diversity of greater Columbus.” He added that solutions to small scale development found in diverse MidTown settings will create “something useful to export to practically any other place in the city and region.”

The project will engage local residents, developers, builders, bankers and investors to create a local team that creates local wealth, jobs and leaders while it builds better neighborhoods. Focus on small improvements that can happen at the neighborhood scale. Employ local capital with local people in local neighborhoods. Help people FROM a place build FOR their place. Jump start a new era of small scale development in an age of super-sized real estate development. Enhance MidTown neighborhoods. Enhance YOUR neighborhood. These are some of the goals of a new initiative.
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Neighborhood Mapping: Train the Trainer

April 13th 6-7:30 pm or April 14th 11:30-1pm

CSU professor Brad Huff and his students are working with MidTown, Inc. to develop a neighborhood mapping tool as part of his Spring 2017 GIS class.  We are ready to test this tool and train a small group of community leaders and partners.  Trainer the Trainer events will take place on April 13th and April 14th.  This mapping and observation tool will be used to engage the community in the ThinkIncrementally project while providing a health update for the neighborhood.  This information can be provided to community organizations, small scale developers, and the City to promote small scale redevelopment and grow healthy, thriving neighborhoods.

Where: East Highlands – meeting at the Rosehill Memorial Baptist Church Parking Lot, 1301 22nd Street  (please be mindful of parking in the neighborhood and church – other events may be scheduled)

Dress: Casual/comfortable with good walking shoes – we will be walking the neighborhood

Please RSVP to Amanda – Amanda@midtowncolumbusga.org and note which time you will attend.  Please call with any questions – Midtown – (706) 494-1663

As part of the Lot by Lot, Block by Block, the Incremental Development Alliance’s Knight Cities Challenge grant with MidTown, Inc.,  the February 2017 Small-scale Developer Bootcamp was held at the Columbus Museum.  Attendees, armed with ideas and potential projects, worked with the faculty of the Incremental Development Alliance to further develop their small-scale develop skills. We look forward to seeing the fruits of their collaboration.

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Five Points Facelift a Good Sign, opinion by Dusty Nix, The Ledger-Enquirer, 4-3-2017

Investor steps forward to get the ball rolling in blighted MidTown area, by Michael Owen, The Ledger-Enquirer, 4-2-2017


Joe Minicozzi, screenshot

The BIG Deal of Small Development

These lectures were taped at the 8th Annual Preservation for Profit Symposium sponsored by Historic Columbus in partnership with MidTown, Inc., the Incremental Development Alliance, the Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley, the Coalition for Sound Growth, and Jackson-Burgin Development. The Developer for a Day Workshop was conducted as part of the Knight Cities Challenge Award-wining project, Evolving MidTown: Lot by Lot, Block by Block.



Cultivating Your City: Building at the Neighborhood Scale, Monte Anderson, CEO/President at Options Real Estate Investments, Inc.

Neighborliness and the Virtuous Circle of Citizen-led City Improvement, Gracen Johnson, founder at Mniistry of Makeshift

Bringing Light to the Dark Art of Development, John Anderson, Principal, Anderson-Kim Architecture + Urban Design

Building Urban Life, Glenn Kellogg, Principal, Urban Advisors

Smart Math: Productive Community Investments, Joe Minicozzi, Principal, Urban 3

Developer for a Day Workshop, an overview of residents, stakeholders, City staff and planners working together


EH Shotguns, reimagined











MidTown, Our Town, Everytown, an urbanist’s stark observations after a June, 2016 visit to Columbus, and his ideas for do-able, incremental, transformative change.

The City Shaped, a TedX talk by Joe Minicozzi, examining how we invest in our communities, and how our policies and investments shape them for better or worse.

Good Enough Urbanism, transforming the suburban strip mall. Illustrated blog post from Johnny Sanphillippo, a member of our IDA team.

VIDEO: Pop-up urbanism: Granary Row, Salt Lake City, Utah. “A light, quick and cheap way to improve a space.”
“All a neighborhood wants to be is a thriving version of what it already is.”

Wynnton parking lot reimagined

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