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Think BIG: Designing our Dream Community

What does it take to design a city for PEOPLE? Matthew Lister and Julia Day from the New York office of Gehl Studio helped us think about the places we love in our city, the qualities that make these places special, and how we can better connect to these places and to each other. Matthew and Julia joined Bahia Ramos from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, for a fast-paced, schedule-packed two days in Columbus on March 16 and 17, a visit made possible by the Knight Fund at the Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley. Matthew, Julia and Bahia talked and listened, walked, pedaled, ziplined, toured, presented, listened some more, ate lots of local fare, and slept little. While the Gehl team was getting to know us, they introduced us to their People First Design process. One-hundred and thirty people attended the public program and workshop at the Columbus Museum to learn more and to share diverse ideas about growing our dream community.

Videographer Steven Thompson produced this short video for the Community Foundation, capturing the energy of the March 16 public meeting (1:50), Think Big: Designing Our Dream Community.

You can view the entire 30-minute presentation HERE.

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  1. Maggie Kelley says:

    I think that inserting third spaces would be very helpful for our area of town. Adding businesses have been helpful in making the areas look and feel nicer, but what can really help the area feel more like a community would be adding third spaces that people actually could utilize.

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