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Reimagining 13th Street

gehl_13thA more attractive place for cars AND walkers AND cyclists?
A place for business to once again thrive?
A safer, more enjoyable trip and destination for all?

We invite you to test the possibilities and help gather data.

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May 11-27, A Complete Street Conversion Test

Big orange barrels redefine 13th Street from 5th Avenue to 13th Avenue.  (Barrels may not be beautiful, but they are big and bold.) An eastbound and westbound traffic lane will be removed to test whether 13th Street and the viaduct can sustain bike lanes, on-street parking and wider sidewalks. The goal is to create a more attractive, interesting and active connection between MidTown and Uptown; to reinvigorate business in the area; and to allow car traffic to move steadily yet more calmly. It’s an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the ride or walk.

Traffic flow is constrained by intersections.  Slower speeds provide greater capacity and safety than high speed streets.

John Anderson, co-founder, Incremental Development Alliance

I would like to see my workers get off work, walk home and ENJOY the walk.
            John Anker, President, Ankerpak

If we are going to bring retail back, we need to generate some on-street parking again.

Trey Carmack, 13th Street stakeholder
Commercial division manager, Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate

The aim of this two-week demonstration, initiated by Midtown Inc. and being executed by the city with the blessing of GDOT, is to test the feasibility of a westward expansion of our recently completed Minimum Grid complete streets project.

Alex Laffey, Traffic Engineer, CCG
on the May 11-27 Complete Street Conversion Test

With the planned resurfacing of Spur 22, we have been given a once in a decade opportunity to test: Can traffic still flow, while citizens stroll, bicycles roll, and shoppers park…on the very same street? This test/demonstration can help us create a connection between MidTown and Uptown that we ALL enjoy and travel with pride, a connection that is also a catalyst for economic development that helps reactivate underutilized properties along the way.


MinimumGrid, connecting

Check out the May 11-21 program schedule HERE



Window murals help us see new possibilities.


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