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Naming the School of the Arts

2016-1-9, MidTown Columbus School of the Arts

We watch with pride the construction of the new School of the Arts and anticipate the opening of a lively addition to the civic commons, the growth of the community’s flourishing arts community, and the educational opportunities this school will offer our students.

It is appropriate that this great addition to our educational and arts community be located in MidTown, on a central and prominent site that is convenient and accessible to all. Geographically, MidTown lies at the heart of the community, a nexus of North, South, East and West. MidTown is an authentic, historic place—livable, convenient and connected, and a microcosm of the city in its diversity.

MidTown, Inc. took its name as an advocacy organization in 2005 to reflect the place that it champions. MidTown is home to 23,000 residents living among 24 distinctive neighborhoods, including 6 National Register Historic Districts. Eleven MCSD schools are within MidTown’s boundaries (soon to be twelve with the opening of the School of the Arts). It also is home for hundreds of businesses, and community Places of Pride, among them the Columbus Museum, Columbus Public Library, beloved public parks, and CSU’s McCullers Center for Writers and Musicians.

The Board of Directors of MidTown, Inc. commend the name recommended to the MCSD Board by District 1 representative Pat Hugley Green and her citizens’ advisory committee: The MidTown Columbus School of the Arts, or simply The MidTown School of the Arts. It defines the new School of the Arts as a place central to all residents, artists, aspiring artists and visitors in this great community.

Read a letter from the Board of Directors of MidTown, Inc.

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