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Minimum Grid: The Plan

Knight Foundation asked the question: What is your best idea to make cities more successful? In the fall of 2014, MidTown, Inc. proposed an idea to create a Minimum Grid to better connect people and places in the Core Community of MidTown and Uptown. In March of 2015, Knight announced that this idea was one of 32 national winners of the first Knight Cities Challenge. With local partners and international experts from Gehl Studio, we undertook almost 10 months of public engagement that included forums, surveys, interviews, observation, walking, biking, and riding. Citizens identified favorite places and how they wanted to connect to those places and engage with each other. The Gehl team took what they heard and observed in the community and created a Public Space and Mobility Plan for the Core Community. It is a multi-faceted plan that lays out not only an active transportation network, but site enhancements and program ideas that can be used throughout the community to help us realize the fullest potential of our public spaces.

The Minimum Grid project now has a world-class plan that embraces our local character. It reimagines how we connect people and the distinctive places that we love. The Network Plan defines connections that can be implemented over time. And the report is chock-full of innovative and doable ideas for enlivening our public spaces, the places that we love and where we come together.

Minimum Grid, Maximum Impact: A Public Space and Mobility Plan for the Core Community
prepared for MidTown, Inc. by Gehl Studio
Background & Context
Approach & Methods
Key Takeaways
The Network Plan
Pilot Projects, Intro and Project 1
Pilot Projects 2 & 3


Final report, 13thstreet pilot

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