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MidTown TADs (Tax Allocation Districts)



Following unanimous approval and consent by Columbus Council and the Muscogee County School Board, MidTown East and MidTown West TAD Districts will be effective on January 1, 2017.  MidTown, Inc. began working in partnership with the City at the beginning of 2016 to advance the establishment of two MidTown Tax Allocation Districts (TADs) that will support future revitalization and growth within the area. Coordinating with City staff, local developers, investors, stakeholders and elected officials, MidTown, Inc. contracted with the Bleakly Advisory Group to research and write a redevelopment plan that defines these TAD districts. Our goal in creating two tax allocation districts is to provide key financial incentive to accelerate the pace of redevelopment and provide a needed funding option to help realize our shared vision for the regeneration of our in-town community. To view maps and the Executive Summary of the Redevelopment Plan, click on links below.

MidTown East TAD Map

MidTown West TAD Map

MidTown Redevelopment Plan, 2016, Executive Summary

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