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“With only two years under its belt, the MidTown Mingle is already well established as a great night out for all ages....an event where neighbors can come and enjoy old friends and make new ones.” - Betsy Covington, Dinglewood

“What a wonderful way to leisurely enjoy the beauty and diversity of MidTown with friends and neighbors-and get your exercise at the same time: the October Bike Around. I cannot think of a better way to enjoy the coming of fall. I look forward to making this special event my MidTown tradition.” - Jack Goldfrank, Woodcrest

“As the world continues to change, our mission and goals increasingly rely on physical spaces rather than materials to nurture our communities. We appreciate how MidTown helps us to facilitate social engagement and interaction with the community.” - Claudya Muller, Chattahoochee Valley Libraries, Macon Road

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Moonlit Mingle by Suzanne Reed Fine