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MidTown, Inc. has the remarkable opportunity to partner with the Incremental Development Alliance in this year’s Knight Cities Challenge-winning project Think Incrementally. The goal of the project is to help build local wealth and improve local neighborhoods through small-scale investment and development. The IDA team selected MidTown as their beta-site for its diversity of population and historic span of building types within a defined area. The project kicked off in June when a visiting team of entrepreneurs, architects and urban planners from across the country came to Columbus to get to know the community and its potential.

John Sanphillipo lives in San Francisco when he is not traveling the country: he observes with a practiced eye how and where people live; he sees things that we miss or take for granted; he meets locals and writes commentary about communities, urban planning, what’s good, what is correctable, and what has gone awry. For three days, MidTown and Columbus served as his lab. John is a regular contributor to Strongtowns.org and earns his living by buying, renovating, and renting undervalued properties in places that have good long term prospects. He is a graduate of Rutgers University. His blogs about urbanism, adaptation and resilience are found at Granola Shotgun, the title of which he defines:

Granola is for liberals, shotgun is for conservatives. The name signifies the ways in which the various oppositional factions are much more alike than they think and how there are reasonable compromises that make both sides happy. And it’s no more ridiculous a name than Google or Yahoo.

So take off your rose-colored glasses and dive into OUR town and EVERYtown. Johnny gives us fresh vision and motivation to continue essential work–together, one step at a time–making our community EVEN better.

Wynnton parking lot reimagined

Your Town is a Financial Time Bomb, posted July 7, 2016, a local take on the Strong Towns message.

The Nature of the Problem, July 9, 2016, a familiar streetscape.

A Different Approach, July 12, 2016, revitalizing languishing commercial districts, incrementally.

Shotgun!, July 18, 2016, we’ve got them: ideal starter and retirement homes.

Values on Display, August 19, 2016, examining the intersection of great public buildings, land use, transportation and neighborhoods.

A Better Way, August 26, 2016, Nashville adds public buildings AND improves the surrounding neighborhood.

Pave. Fail. Pave. Fail. Repeat., November 6, 2015. Not from the Columbus visit, but pithy and pertinent.


EH Shotguns, reimagined

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