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Why We Love MidTown!

“We love the location, the trees and yards, and the older homes. We love being near the park and near downtown. We love our neighbors and the neighborly feel of the MidTown area.” - Ceil Bone

“Simple things like sidewalks, knowing your neighbors, access to schools, neighborhood shops and a grocery store in walking distance, and a lively, beautiful park are reasons why I love the area. It also helps that my work is just minutes from home!” - Bennie Newroth, Weracoba-St. Elmo

“I live less than a mile from where I grew up and just over a mile from where I work. MidTown gives me a sense of community and it’s as beautiful an area as there is in Columbus!” - Martha Nitcher Dodson, Hilton Heights

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Meeting the demands of your taste and time.

Convenient and stress-free. Skip the traffic. Run a quick errand, or stroll and browse. Chat
with knowledgeable shopkeepers in a friendly, laid-back atmosphere. MidTown residents and
visitors can enjoy shopping at recently renovated regional centers, historic neighborhood
centers and unique local shops and galleries.

Ann’s Porch, “The Fun Little Flower Shop,” 1815-B Garrard Street, Columbus GA  31901 706-324-4881 www.facebook.com/pages/Anns-Porch

Arnold’s on the Trace  3554 Hilton Avenue Columbus, GA 31904 706-507-2402 https://www.facebook.com/Arnolds-on-the-Trace-404481779897390/

Baker Music Shop  #2 MidTown Loop,  Columbus, GA  31906  706-563-7924  jbaker3178@aol.com

The Bike Shop of Columbus 3554 Hilton Avenue Columbus, GA 31904 706-507-2402 www.thebikeshopofcolumbus.com

Bloomers at Midtown 1210 13th Street Columbus, GA. 31901 706-992-6383 www.facebook.com/bloomersatmidtown

Bright Salon  1328 13th Street, Columbus, GA  31901  706-221-1177  www.brightsalon.com

Columbus Museum Shop  1251 Wynnton Road, Columbus, GA  31906  706-748-2562  www.columbusmuseum.com

Country Club of Columbus 2610 Cherokee Avenue, Columbus, GA  31906  706-322-4441  www.ccofcolumbus.com

Dinglewood Pharmacy  1939 Wynnton Road, Columbus, GA  31906  706-322-0616  www.dinglewoodpharmacy.com

Elements Natural Medicine 2008 Wynnton Road Columbus, Ga. 31906 706-507-0407 www.elementsnatmed.com

Frank Romeo’s Clothing  1803 Garrard Street, Columbus, GA  31901  706-576-6601  frank@romeosclothing.com

Front Porch Gallery  1309 Wildwood Avenue, Columbus, GA  31906  706-596-0096  www.thefrontporchcolumbus.com

Gloria Mani Fine Art  1817 Garrard Street, Columbus, GA  31901  706-327-9494  www.facebook.com/gloria.mani.7

Hairworks on Wildwood 1234 Wildwood Avenue, Columbus, GA  31906  706-660-09011  www.facebook.com/pages/HairWorks-on-Wildwood/82198682423

Hinson Galleries 1218 13th Avenue, Columbus, GA  31901  706-327-3671  www.hinsongalleries.com

Joey’s Thrift Mall  1100 10th Avenue, Columbus, GA  31906  706-324-2772  www.facebook.com/pages/Joeys-Thrift_Mall/223608432351

John Paul’s Jewelers 1230 13th Avenue, Columbus, GA 31901 706-568-9148 www.johnpauljewelers.com

Leigh & Paige Fine Art 1309 Wildwood Avenue Columbus, GA. 31901 706-225-0139 www.leighandpaige.com

Malone Office Environments  1345 13th Avenue, Columbus, GA  31901  706-322-2513  www.maloneoffice.com

Mr. B’s Liquor, Beer & Wine  1314 13th Street, Columbus, GA  31901  706-323-1135  kristylaunstein@yahoo.com

New Leaf Consignment Galleries 2525 Auburn Avenue Columbus, GA. 31906 706-565-4511 http://newleafgalleries.com/columbus/

Quest Studio 1815 Garrard Street Columbus, GA 31901 706-221-4373

Two Sisters Gallery  1330 13th Street, Columbus, GA  31901  706-322-2004  www.twosisgallery.com