MidTown Living Nearby

Why We Love MidTown!

“We love the location, the trees and yards, and the older homes. We love being near the park and near downtown. We love our neighbors and the neighborly feel of the MidTown area.” - Ceil Bone

“Simple things like sidewalks, knowing your neighbors, access to schools, neighborhood shops and a grocery store in walking distance, and a lively, beautiful park are reasons why I love the area. It also helps that my work is just minutes from home!” - Bennie Newroth, Weracoba-St. Elmo

“I live less than a mile from where I grew up and just over a mile from where I work. MidTown gives me a sense of community and it’s as beautiful an area as there is in Columbus!” - Martha Nitcher Dodson, Hilton Heights

Midtown Momentum Newsletter

MidTown’s neighbors.

MidTown is a bridge between Columbus State University’s Main and RiverPark Campuses, and is conveniently located
adjacent to the city’s two major hospital complexes—Columbus Regional and St. Francis. MidTown is a gateway to
UpTown’s entertainment district—including the Springer Theater and RiverCenter for the Performing Arts—and the
Chattahoochee’s Riverwalk and Urban Whitewater. At I-185’s Exit 6, MidTown is convenient to Ft. Benning, the
Columbus Metropolitan Airport, and businesses, residential communities and sites throughout the city. Learn more
about MidTown’s neighbors and nearby places of interest.