MidTown Living

Why We Love MidTown!

“We love the location, the trees and yards, and the older homes. We love being near the park and near downtown. We love our neighbors and the neighborly feel of the MidTown area.” - Ceil Bone

“Simple things like sidewalks, knowing your neighbors, access to schools, neighborhood shops and a grocery store in walking distance, and a lively, beautiful park are reasons why I love the area. It also helps that my work is just minutes from home!” - Bennie Newroth, Weracoba-St. Elmo

“I live less than a mile from where I grew up and just over a mile from where I work. MidTown gives me a sense of community and it’s as beautiful an area as there is in Columbus!” - Martha Nitcher Dodson, Hilton Heights

Midtown Momentum Newsletter
  • Flournoy Drive by Erin Gregory

  • Hillcrest, built by John Francis Flournoy, 1890

  • MidTown Historic Bike Around in front of Shepherd-Johnson-Feimster House on Wynnton Road

  • Hermit, by Deborah Butterfield, grazes in front of the Columbus Museum

  • Dusty's House by Jo Farris

  • Wynnton Arts Academy, founded as Wynnton Academy on this site in 1843

  • MidTown Mingle 2012

  • Mercer Medical Students learn about MidTown

Convenience. Character. Community.

Neighbors. Connections. Trees. Parks. Distinctive architecture. Sidewalks.
History. An engaged, supportive community. Shopping. Schools. The Columbus Museum.
The Library. A big duck. The scrambled dog. An Aquatic Center. In between campuses.
Being in the center of everything.
These are just some of the reasons why people choose MidTown Living.