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Why We Love MidTown!

“I applaud the wonderful efforts to beautify and enliven the sense of place and community that have been done in the recent past. BRAVO on the work done so far, and (as we say in the theater) BREAK A LEG in the future!” Joseph Golden, Village of Wynnton

“I grew up in MidTown. I bought my house in this area because of the schools and because I like the area. Thanks for keeping this area vital.” Danny Ginter

“So many great memories and with all the wonderful changes happening to the area,I avidly look forward to creating more to go with them! Thank you, MidTown thanks to all that have been a part of the effort to continue the great memories I have been able to experience in the MidTown area.” John W. Woodward

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The MidTown Business Association is an independent business association supported by MidTown, Inc.
Its purpose is to sustain, promote and grow business within MidTown Columbus.

The MidTown Business Association (MBA) works to build community among MidTown businesses, to sustain existing businesses, and to encourage growth of new businesses within MidTown. The MBA also encourages the revitalization and redevelopment of underutilized properties in the MidTown area. It hosts quarterly educational meetings, offers technical support from within the MBA membership, and promotes MidTown businesses and MidTown living through joint marketing efforts and publication of The MidTowner, a bi-weekly newsletter.

For more information about the MBA and membership benefits, contact Bitsy Dedwylder at 706.494.1663.

Although we are “Columbus transplants,” we quickly found a home in MidTown. We love the community so much and are proud to be a part of its growth and development. With the help and support of MidTown, Inc., Jackson-Burgin Development, and the MidTown community, we have established a place where MidTown can gather and feel at home, too.

The Maldonado Family
Midtown Coffee House at the Village on 13th

I can say we were really nervous about moving our business.  We needed a bigger building, but business was steady in our old location at a time when other jewelers were going out of business left and right.  The last six years have been terrible for the jewelry industry and relocating was a risk.  The first few months were really scary, but once people realized we were in Midtown, business began growing.  I can only attribute that success to the MBA and the beauty of the new building.   

We’re still the same craftsmen… with a nicer showroom in a supportive community.

Eric Paul
John Paul’s Jewelers
located in the renovated CB&T Wynnton Branch Bank