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Why We Love MidTown!

“I loved my home with its garden and the old familiar furniture…..on the whole, Columbus gave me that same tranquility and calm that was so necessary to my work.” Carson McCullers from her unfinished autobiography, Illumination and Night Glare

“We live in MidTown because of the neighbors, trees, sidewalks, and houses with character, unique historic settings, and the convenience of location. For 41 years we have lived in only two houses—both in MidTown.” Mary Sue Polleys

“MidTown boasts great culture, wonderful family communities and a deep history that we love.” Thomas G.O. Forsberg

“We live in MidTown because it has a personality!” K. Blair Carnahan, Overlook

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Residents share their stories and reasons why they choose to live in MidTown!


Why We Live In MidTown

Weracoba Park initially attracted our attention to the Midtown area.  Walking in the park each morning led to venturing into neighborhoods where we fell in love with the old, established homes and their unique attributes.  Each home is different and comes with its own personality.
Scott, 1SG(R), & Deb McCranie, Village of Wynnton Historic District

Over the years, I have loved the architecture of MidTown homes.  In 2009, I found my dream home in Dimon Circle, a 1923 stone and brick masterpiece waiting to be brought back to life. More than that, I found neighbors I wouldn’t trade for any zipcode. MidTown is much more than architecture, it is a friendly, supportive community. 
J. Rusty Scoven, Peacock Woods/Dimon Circle Historic District
My parents moved to MidTown in 1926 and I have never had any reason to move away.  We all feel that we are in the center of everything here.   Jean K. Kent, Hilton Heights/Clubview Heights
MidTown is a very walkable and bikeable area, with easy access to the newly constructed Fall Line Trace. The schools are second to none, as are the friendly neighbors that we interact with on a daily basis. All of these things provide us with a strong sense of community that cannot compare to any other area in Columbus.
Julio Portillo, Hilton Heights Park/Hilton Woods

When we moved to Columbus from Atlanta, we were drawn to MidTown’s charming and established neighborhoods, the amenities that Lakebottom Park offered our entire family, and the convenience to our work campuses.
Dr. Brady Rumph, St. Francis Spine Center and  David Rumph III, TSYS