MidTown Characters Get To Know Us

Why We Love MidTown!

“I loved my home with its garden and the old familiar furniture…..on the whole, Columbus gave me that same tranquility and calm that was so necessary to my work.” Carson McCullers from her unfinished autobiography, Illumination and Night Glare

“We live in MidTown because of the neighbors, trees, sidewalks, and houses with character, unique historic settings, and the convenience of location. For 41 years we have lived in only two houses—both in MidTown.” Mary Sue Polleys

“MidTown boasts great culture, wonderful family communities and a deep history that we love.” Thomas G.O. Forsberg

“We live in MidTown because it has a personality!” K. Blair Carnahan, Overlook

Midtown Momentum Newsletter

MidTown has character(s)!

MidTown has a sense of place rooted in rich history, stories, distinctive places, and people past and present who contribute to MidTown’s essential character. MidTown’s character is also reflected in its distinctive and diverse architecture, trees, parks, neighborhoods, streetscapes, institutions and businesses.

Video Conversations

Meet some of MidTown’s community leaders, achievers, personalities and notable character(s). MidTown Has Character(s) is a growing archive of video conversations with MidTown residents who exemplify the depth and breadth of character fostered in MidTown Columbus.

Judge Aaron Cohn,

World War II veteran, community and children’s champion, UGA alumnus and tennis captain, and longest sitting US juvenile court judge. Judge Aaron Cohn—March 3, 1916-July 4, 2012—served his country and community with distinction. PLAY VIDEO

Sam Mitchell and Marc Upshaw

Former NBA head coach, Sam Mitchell, & Marc Upshaw, CEO and founder of Global Diagnostics, were East Highlands neighbors and Columbus High basketball teammates, and together founded the SaMarc Foundation.  PLAY VIDEO

Paul Pierce,

Artistic Director of the Springer Opera House, along with friends from Tuna, Texas, PLAY VIDEO

Lieutenant Stevens,

inventor of Dinglewood’s world famous scrambled dog , PLAY VIDEO

The Honorable Teresa Pike Tomlinson,

first female Mayor of Columbus, Georgia, PLAY VIDEO

Why we live in MidTown


Among MidTown’s diverse homes, businesses and civic buildings you can discover almost 200 years of architectural history.

Keep your eyes open for surprising details in every MidTown neighborhood, and just around every corner.

Download the Historic Driving Tour

They shade our parks, canopy our streets and brighten the landscape. They change with the seasons and create greenways that connect our neighborhoods. Trees are an essential element of MidTown’s unique character.

Take a Lakebottom Tree Walk with Trees Columbus.