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Why We Love MidTown!

“I loved my home with its garden and the old familiar furniture…..on the whole, Columbus gave me that same tranquility and calm that was so necessary to my work.” Carson McCullers from her unfinished autobiography, Illumination and Night Glare

“We live in MidTown because of the neighbors, trees, sidewalks, and houses with character, unique historic settings, and the convenience of location. For 41 years we have lived in only two houses—both in MidTown.” Mary Sue Polleys

“MidTown boasts great culture, wonderful family communities and a deep history that we love.” Thomas G.O. Forsberg

“We live in MidTown because it has a personality!” K. Blair Carnahan, Overlook

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MidTown Fun Facts!

How well do you know MidTown?
Tidbits of history and current data are all part of MidTown’s character.

Did You Know:

That MidTown is an area of 6-square-miles with over 22,000 residents?

That MidTown occupies less than 3% of the city’s land area, yet has over 12% of the population and 10.4% of the city’s tax base.

That as early as 1860, nearly 1,500 people called “Wynnton village” home, ranking it among the twenty largest towns in Georgia? And that in 1925 the City of Columbus annexed Wynnton, making the one-time country neighborhood part of an expanding community?

That Dinglewood Pharmacy is MidTown’s oldest business? Established in MidTown in 1918, Dinglewood is the last local pharmacy with its original soda fountain, and the oldest eating establishment in town.

That 400,000 patrons visit the Columbus Public Library each year?

That MidTown is home to the oldest continuously-operating school in the State of Georgia? Wynnton Academy was established in 1843, and is now Wynnton Fine Arts Magnet Academy.

That the original water source for the City of Columbus (other than the river) was Leonard Spring, located just south of Country Club Road?

That the firm of the Olmsted Brothers–sons of the famed designer of New York’s Central Park, Frederick Law Olmsted–designed four garden landscapes along Wynnton Road, including the Columbus Museum’s restored Olmsted Garden?