MidTown Characters

Why We Love MidTown!

“I loved my home with its garden and the old familiar furniture…..on the whole, Columbus gave me that same tranquility and calm that was so necessary to my work.” Carson McCullers from her unfinished autobiography, Illumination and Night Glare

“We live in MidTown because of the neighbors, trees, sidewalks, and houses with character, unique historic settings, and the convenience of location. For 41 years we have lived in only two houses—both in MidTown.” Mary Sue Polleys

“MidTown boasts great culture, wonderful family communities and a deep history that we love.” Thomas G.O. Forsberg

“We live in MidTown because it has a personality!” K. Blair Carnahan, Overlook

Midtown Momentum Newsletter
  • Moment in Dinglewood, 1979, by Bo Bartlett, from the Permanent Collection of the Columbus Museum

  • Lieutenant Stevens at the 2012 Party on the Lawn

  • A gateway reflecting the architecture characteristic of MidTown

  • MidTown has Character(s), an MBA advertisement

  • Party on the Lawn 2012, MidTown Board Member, Gerald Wyatt and Executive Director, Anne King

  • Enjoying treats from the Ice Cream Girl, Party on the Lawn 2012

  • Detail, Carson McCullers Birthday Celebration Poster, Original Watercolor by Sharon Watts

  • Overlook Celebrates Halloween

  • Detail, 16th Avenue,Cloudy Day by Gloria Mani


The character(s) that define MidTown.

MidTown has a sense of place rooted in rich history, stories, distinctive places, and
people past and present who contribute to MidTown’s essential character. MidTown’s
character is also reflected in its distinctive and diverse architecture, parks,
neighborhoods, streetscapes, institutions and businesses. Discover the breadth 
and depth of MidTown Character(s).