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Hilton Update

Don’t expect MidTown, Inc. to support any redevelopment or rezoning without our seeing plans for the project first.
Anne King, Executive Director, MidTown, Inc.

From the Board of Directors of MidTown, Inc.
Position Statement on proposed development of the Hilton Property, located at Wynnton Road and Hilton Avenue in MidTown

While MidTown, Inc., supports in concept both high quality and appropriately located high density development and affordable housing throughout Midtown, it opposes at this time any high density or commercial development on the Hilton property because of potential adverse impact on the historic, single-family streetscapes along 15th Street and Hilton Avenue, which comprise two of the three borders of that property.

We measure all of our projects, programs, initiatives, and the positions we take in the community, against our founding mission:  MidTown, Inc. works to sustain and enhance the neighborhoods and businesses within MidTown Columbus through education and advocacy with respect to community, conservation and diversity.

 With regard to the Hilton property, we have listened to community debate and the heartfelt and reasoned concerns engendered by any proposed development of the property. We have wrestled with our organization’s advocacy for quality affordable housing and added residential density to create vibrant, diverse places; and concerns about the effects of any high-density residential or commercial development of this particular property on the surrounding historic neighborhoods.

At this time, in addition to opposing the proposed high density development on this particular site, MidTown, Inc. also opposes any other future development or rezoning of the Hilton property—commercial or residential—without the opportunity to assess site plans, buffers and plantings, and design details that conform to guidelines set forth through the existing Tree Ordinance and the Board of Historic and Architectural Review. The organization reserves the privilege of re-evaluating a position on the property’s long-term development with a more complete understanding of any developer’s proposed plans and their impact on extant historic neighborhoods.

May 17, 2018, MidTown, Inc. Position Statement (pdf)

Save Hilton Petition

A Letter from Mayor Teresa Tomlinson and a Resolution from City Council to the Department of Community Affairs, May 22, 2018

Statement from MidTown, Inc., April 24, 2018

A Hilton Update/Overview

HILTON, National Register of Historic Places Nomination Form, January 20, 1972

Contacts for questions and concerns regarding proposed Hilton property sale and development

Community meeting agenda, May 2, 2018: the agenda for a community meeting at the Columbus Public Library, organized by Tyler Pritchard and attended by neighborhood residents

2018-5-6, Ledger-Enquirer, Upset Columbus residents plan to fight Atlanta developer’s affordable housing project, by Tony Adams

2018-4-27, Ledger-Enquirer, Wynnton Road residents didn’t support affordable housing project. It backfired., by Alva James-Johnson

3 responses to “Hilton Update”

  1. Ansley Forsberg says:

    The economic impact of the proposed apartment complex or senior center goes far beyond anything stated thus far. Consider the declines in surrounding property values (which fund this portion of the city), and the relocation of current land owners to the Green Island side of town or Harris County. The cons far outweigh many pros to this proposed project. Midtown should be fighting tooth and nail to stop this project and back something that will actually help and beautify this community. The gardens would be a far better option. We have to stop thinking small and immediate impact, and consider what each of these decisions and choices can and will most likely lead to.

  2. Samantha says:

    I would be interested to see the stats on how this will impact our surrounding schools, with 94 units going in what percentage will be school age children, our schools in the area are already extremely full, will more teachers be hired? Will students be bussed elsewhere? Are our zones schools expected to absorb this excess? And our grocery store have they accounted for the influx of this many new residence? Many folks in Columbus would love to see our current affordable housing restored and renewed before we start building new high rise prjects.

  3. Ansley Forsberg says:

    Thank you!!!!

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