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13th Street: Restripe and Regenerate?

13th Street Today


Phase 1: After GDOT restriping and conversion of outside lanes to parking

BREAKING NEWS: City approves plan to reduce lanes on 13th Street, hoping to spur revitalization, Alva-James Johnson, Ledger-Enquirer, February 13, 2018

Want to learn more about the possibilities? Check out the 13th Street fact sheet, video and media links:

A 13th Street Fact Sheet

A couple of FAQs

13th Street: Restripe and Regenerate?

Video, public presentation at the Columbus Public Library
January 23, 2018, Rick Hall, P.E. and President, Hall Planning & Engineering, Tallahassee, FL

Most businesses on 13th Street are empty. A planner says removing lanes will help.
Scott Berson, Ledger-Enquirer, January 25, 2018

Efforts continue to improve Midtown, part of city’s heart and soul
Tony Adams, Ledger-Enquirer, January 18, 2018



Young People’s Input Needed on City’s Future, Patrick Chappell, Letter to the Editor, Ledger-Enquirer, February 1, 2018

13th Street, a vibrant place. It’s possible: long-term reinvestment and regeneration that begin with restriping.


New and growing on 13th Street since Council approved GDOT’s recommended reallocation of lanes and on-street parking: Zoe Pediatric Clinic and Menawa Cross-Fit Gym are new additions to the street; and Bloomers at MidTown beautifies houses and gardens city-wide from its thriving corner at 13th and 13th. June 20, 2018.

10 responses to “13th Street: Restripe and Regenerate?”

  1. Anna Lopardo says:

    I think it is a great idea to renovate that area. This is a well traveled road and an eye-sore in this city. This heads right to Lakebottom park, it should be something pleasant to see. Phenix City has done it on their side, what is Columbus waiting for? Should have spent money on this instead of that cement cube called a ‘park’ in the median near River and Rail.

  2. Constance Rothschild says:

    Please, we need this kind of vision for the future. For those worried about the traffic flow, no worries. It will slow traffic down as it should. It makes all the property along 13th Street more desirable, enhances property values, connects Midtown to Downtown (Uptown). We need more walkability, sustainability and livability. How can this be a bad thing, except perhaps for the people FLYING along 13th like it is a speedway.
    If ever in the future we need to widen the road and add the lanes back, it can be done using the proposed parking spaces on the street. Really, we need to live forward with vision!

  3. Mary says:

    I worked with Gehl when they were here. I am gladly looking forward to the revitalization of this area.

  4. Donna McKay says:

    Please revitalize 13th Street as well as the east highland area. We desperately need a facelift and more businesses that we can frequent.

  5. Nancy Morrison says:

    Have you thought about tearing down a few buildings to make a parking area? Some of those buildings look like they need to be condemned

  6. Carole Barham says:

    Just need the Beatles crossing the street on the new one!

  7. John says:

    We desperately need that road revitalized! I already wrote and called the council and I hope more people are doing the same. They need to see how important this issue is.

    I also wrote a letter to the LE, which they published: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/article197260389.html

    More people need to make their voices heard!

    • midtown1 says:

      Thank you for seeing the potential for positive change and for voicing your support for this first step toward a revitalized connection.

  8. lovemidtown says:

    There has been so much effort and research into this proposal. We need to take advantage of this opportunity to change the area and stimulate business. Let’s do this!

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